Organizational Design

Strategically assisting the management team with furthering the mission, vision and business goals of the organization through a solid organizational structure is paramount. The HR professional will maintain all organizational charts; make recommendations as to changes within the structure that would benefit the organization; understand how to manage the “white space” on the organizational charts; tracks turnover rates and reasons; develops career ladders within job classifications; is involved with succession planning and promotes active employee engagement activities throughout the organization



We make sure that the organization is compliant with all employment-related laws and requirements from a federal, provincial and local perspective. This may include making sure that the appropriate posters are posted and up-to-date; proper formation of a health and safety committee preparation and maintenance of all employee policies within the employee handbook; employee file maintenance; Employment Eligibility maintenance; and completion of all verifications of employment, reference checks, etc. for past and present employees.



We work with the hiring managers within an organization to develop an action plan for the hiring of a diverse workforce. This may include, but may not limited to: sourcing for candidates in a creative manner; posting open jobs; screening resumes and applications; conducting telephone interviews; scheduling the in house interview; providing a tour of the facilities to the final applicants; conducting the appropriate background checks; recommending the appropriate compensation package; making the offer and preparing the offer letter and benefits information; conducting the new employee orientation program; and making sure that all new hires are enrolled in the company’s benefit programs.



Coordination with the benefit brokers to annually review all employer-sponsored benefit plans for renewal and compliance; conducting open enrollment educational meetings with employees; making sure that employees are enrolled and terminated from each benefit program with each vendor, as appropriate; assisting managers with accident investigations and the coordination of workers’ compensation; completing logs, as needed and posting. and other related benefits.



We are diligent in assisting hiring managers with the writing and updating of job descriptions and maintaining them annually; reviewing salary survey data to make sure that the company is paying employees competitively within the market; maintaining internal hierarchy with regards to pay; developing and maintaining a salary administration plan for the organization; making recommendations with regards to pay, merit increases, salary structure maintenance, etc.; writing and recommending variable pay plans; making sure that the organization is compliant with the various wage and hour laws; implementing and maintaining a creative performance evaluation system for all employees.





We maintain confidentiality with all employment-related matters within the organization. We promote an “open door” environment with all employees and is are an active “listener” to their needs and concerns without projecting a bias opinion or taking ownership for their issue. We work with management to proactively resolve employee relations issues, conduct investigations and make recommendations for resolution. We work with management to document disciplinary actions and make recommendation with regards to nonmonetary rewards and recognition. We are actively involved in employee terminations and understand the unemployment claim and appeal process. We also conduct exit interviews with terminating employees and provide information with regards to the continuation of benefits after employment.


Training & Development

Recommends and may create and conduct training and development programs for the entire organization to include: anti-harassment and discrimination avoidance, diversity, customer service skills, business communication skills, etc. Works with managers to create and implement on-the-job training opportunities for all employees. Tracks all training programs and employee participation and follows up with managers and employees to measure utilization of skills learned as well as evaluating additional training resources or needs.



Continually reviews the needs of the organization with regards to H.R.I.S. vendors and evaluates the needs for upgrades, new systems, etc. Understands laws and is able to utilize the H.R.I.S., to the fullest extent