Markets change. We’re prepared.

To meet the demands of the evolving human resource sector and the markets it serves, a thriving business must be built to be sustainable, foster strong workplace relationships, and practice environmental responsibility.

That’s why we’ve developed a business model that puts people first, ensuring that our staff has the time, education, and experience to connect with our clients, build evidence-based, versatile solutions, and take clear action to achieve each client’s goals.

Not Just Words, Promises.

At Noval Holdings, Targeted Talent, and Cerberus Consulting, we make promises that we keep.

The promise to ourselves and our clients, guaranteeing that we recognize and value the differences that make each of us strong, successful, and above all, human

The promise to rigorously review and maintain our hiring practices to ensure that equity and acceptance are always front and centre in our recruiting process, employment policies, and workplace culture

The promise to continuously work to understand the barriers that individuals face due to systemic biases, to listen when they speak about their experiences, and to take meaningful action whenever and wherever discrimination occurs

The promise to support job seekers by seeing your strengths and making sure that prospective employers truly understand how important your diversity is in their hiring choices

The promise to employers that we will assist you in building an inclusive work environment that positions you to lead in collaboration, productivity, and innovation in your field

And the promise to continue to foster performance, develop leadership, and improve quality of life in every workplace by respecting each individual for their unique identity

They show a consistent drive and focus on delivering value to my business, frequently going above and beyond expectations. They have been highly trustworthy and reliable since day 1.
— Sachin Agrawal, CEO – EDP Software